The Most Common Mistake After Buying a New Tree Stand

Once you have purchased your brand new tree stand, the most common mistake is to quickly take it into the woods for hunting. Why? The smells and sounds of the new tree stand are likely to spook the deer around you. climbing tree stand

Once you have taken the tree stand out of its packaging, leave it to stand in your backyard for several days to release the ‘new’ smell from it. To assist removing the new smell, you can also spray some odor neutralizer on the stand.

Then if it is designed to be carried on your back, wear it around the backyard listening for any noises. Even new stands can produce sounds until they have been used a bit. Now is the time to find out if you need to reduce any noise, rather than once you are in the woods.

Next, read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions on the use of your tree stand before using it. Practice using the tree stand during both the day and night before taking it hunting, as you may end up hanging it or taking it down in the dark. Practice at ground level and then progressively increase the height with the same equipment on that you will take hunting. Practice climbing into and out of your stand. Carry out the practice sessions in the presence of a responsible adult.

The key to success is to familiarize yourself with your new tree stand before use, and prepare the stand before taking it for hunting.


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