Hunting Tactics

Some hunters feel that all the good trophies are gone, but the fact is wildlife biologists all agree there are more trophy bucks in the woods now, than ever before!

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It is estimated there are more than 30 million whitetails in North America today, with more Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young bucks than ever before!

So how do you bag the buck of your life?

You might get really lucky, but most people don’t. There is sometimes a little bit of luck in hunting, but most of the time it is knowledge and skill.

The hunters who consistently drag big bucks out of the woods do so because they understand the deer they are hunting. They know how to find out if an area holds big bucks, know where to look for them, and when.

And they have a toolkit of deer hunting tricks and techniques to get the bucks into their sights.


There are hunting systems advertised that claim when you use their secrets you will be tripping over deer in the woods, and your challenge will be deciding which trophy to take!

The claims and guarantees can only apply if the deer you are hunting are behind an enclosure.

Read any hunting book from any well known hunter and you will find stories of frustration, and coming home empty handed on occasions! Some expert hunters have hunted a particular buck for years before finally taking him.

That’s the challenge with hunting – there are no guarantees!

To be consistently successful, you need to have some fundamental skills:

Your chances of success increase if you have some advanced knowledge and skills in:

  • How to identify if an area holds big bucks
  • Where to find the big bucks
  • The only 3 places to hunt for consistent success
  • Strategies on how and when to hunt them
  • A┬áhunting plan to put you in the right place at the right time
  • Up to date research that provides new tips and techniques

You also need to know about stacking the odds in your favor by knowing the best time to hunt whitetail, and also the tricks and tips with scents, scrapes, rubs, deer calls and decoys.