Tripod Stands

Tripod stands can also be known as revolving stands, rotating stands or tower stands. If they have a skirt they can also be called a blind. For more information about hunting blinds or hunting blind plans, visit Hunting Blind Plans

tripod stand

In parts of the country where trees are sparse or non-existent such as the Texas brush country or the prairie of the Midwest, a tripod stand is required.

It is not strictly a tree stand as it is not placed in trees – it is a platform with either three legs [tripod] or four legs. The platform may or may not have some sort of enclosure to protect the hunter from the weather and give some camouflage.

Because of their size, they are not portable and are usually left in one spot for some time. This also lets the animals get used to them.

The advantages are:

  • Where trees don’t exist, they are the only way to gain the advantages of hunting from a height
  • They can protect the hunter from the elements
  • Can be very comfortable due to their size
  • Can provide hunter concealment
  • Their disadvantage is their portability [or lack of!].

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